Reimbursement of OASI/DI invoices

Certain benefits provided by the Disability Insurance (DI) are first paid by the insured person and then reimbursed. This applies in particular to hearing aids, assistance contribution as well as travel expenses.

Invoices concerning benefits covered by the DI must be sent to the DI Office of the canton which took the decision. After validation, they are verified and sent to the CCO where they are scanned and entered in the  registration system in order to be checked and paid.

Invoices must be carefully completed and contain the OASI number of the insured person as well as the bank details. Only when these conditions are met can we guarantee a reasonable processing time.

The first invoice received by the CCO triggers the creation of a NIF number, which enables creditor identification. This number must be subsequently mentioned on every new invoice in order to speed up its processing.

All enquiries concerning the reimbursement of benefits to an insured person must be sent to the DI Office which took the decision.

Invoice submission forms can be found by clicking on the following link:

Last modification 23.08.2021

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