Obligation to inform for pension holders

Pension holders are required to report immediately to the Swiss Compensation Office any change in circumstances that may affect the nature or the amount of benefits.

Image that illustrates the obligation to inform for pension holders

This requirement notably concerns:

  • change of address;
  • death as well as all marital status changes (marriage, divorce, resuming living together after having been legally separated, etc.) and the status of fostered children;
  • interruption or completion of apprenticeship or studies when children receive benefits beyond their 18th year;
  • with regards to disability insurance, preventive detention or execution of sentences of imprisonment or penal measures in Switzerland or abroad;
  • modification of the income from gainful employment, the ability to work and the state of health when the insured person is in receipt of a disability pension.

A communication to another body does not release the claimant from the obligation to inform the Swiss compensation Office.

According to Art. 25 of the LPGA, unduly received pensions must be returned.

Violations of the obligation to inform may lead to prosecutions and are liable to imprisonment or a fine.

Last modification 07.10.2020

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