Returning to Switzerland

This page provides information for recipients of OASI or DI benefits paid by the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) or the DI Office for people living abroad (OAIE) who wish to return to live in Switzerland.

You should notify us as early as possible and send the following to the SCO/OAIE:

- A copy of your residence permit or proof of registration with your local authorities

- Your new bank details in Switzerland (compulsory)

Once you return to Switzerland, the SCO/OAIE ceases to be responsible for paying your pension. It will forward your records to the appropriate compensation office, which then takes charge of payment.

Exception: If your spouse or child is still receiving an OASI/DI pension abroad, the SCO/OAIE will remain the responsible body for paying your pension in Switzerland. However, you should notify the SCO/OAIE of your change of residence.

Last modification 14.10.2016

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