Old-age pensions

This page provides information on the conditions of eligibility for an OASI pension and on the possibility of bringing forward or deferring payment of an old-age pension.

The statutory retirement age for men is 65 years.

The statutory retirement age for women is 64 years.

You are eligible for an old-age pension if:

  • You have paid OASI/DI contributions for at least 12 months, or

  • Your spouse, who was gainfully employed, has paid at least double the minimum contribution for one year, or

  • You may be entitled to parental credits or care credits.

Your entitlement to an old-age pension starts the month after you reach the statutory age of retirement and ends in the month of your death.

Early retirement

You may bring forward your old-age pension by one or two years.

The rate of reduction applied is 6.8% for each year brought forward.

If you opt for early retirement, your benefits will be reduced for the full duration of your retirement.

Benefits for children are not paid during the period of early retirement.

You should submit your application no later than the end of the month in which you reach the age of eligibility for early retirement.

For the members of the Voluntary OASI/DI the obligation to contribute until your legal retirement age (64 years for women and 65 years for men), ends automatically at the end of the same trimester as your first pension. No action is required to resign from the Voluntary insurance scheme.


You may defer payment of your pension for between one and a maximum of five years. You will then receive an increased monthly pension for the duration of retirement.

If you wish to defer your old-age pension, you should submit your application no later than the end of the month one year after reaching the statutory retirement age.

If you defer payment of your old-age pension, you also defer payment of any benefits for children.

Last modification 05.11.2019

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