Disability pensions

The right to a pension begins at the earliest when the insured person has had an average incapacity to work of at least 40% for a year without significant interruption and at the end of this period still has an earning incapacity of the same degree.

The disability pension may be allocated from the age of 18 at the earliest.

To preserve full rights to DI benefits, we recommend that you file your claim within 6 months of having stopped working.

The DI provides 4 levels of pensions determined by the degree of disability:

Degree of disability Pension entitlement
40% at least
a quarter pension
50% at least
a half pension
60% at least
a three quarter pension
From 70% to 100% a full pension

Pensions corresponding to a degree lower than 50% are only paid to insured persons who have their usual domicile and residence in Switzerland. They are also granted to Swiss, EU respectively EFTA citizens who have their usual domicile and residence in one of the EU respectively EFTA Members States.

The degree of disability of the benefits granted is evaluated according to Swiss legal provisions in force and is in no way linked to the decisions of the social security office of the insured person’s country of origin or residence.

Last modification 27.07.2018

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