Calculation of the DI benefit

The elements used in the pension calculation are as follows:

  • Contributions years from 1st January of the year following the 20th birthday and 31st December of the year preceding pension entitlement. The years following the 17th birthday, called “youth years”, are used to fill contribution gaps.

  • Income from gainful employment originating from the contributions periods.

  • Degree of disability.

  • Periods of co-insurances which benefit the insured person without gainful employment residing in Switzerland, whose spouse pays double the minimum contribution.

  • Parental or care credits. This applies mainly to insured persons who had dependent children under the age of 16.

In order for us to verify the above-mentioned elements as accurately as possible, it is necessary to attach the following documents to your request for DI benefits for adults.

  • Work certificate(s).

  • Family record book(s) listing all children or birth certificate of each child regardless of their age.

  • List of all marriages/divorces with copies of the relevant certificates.

  • Residence certificate(s) or list of the municipalities (with dates) in which you resided in Switzerland

Last modification 16.06.2021

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