The Central Compensation Office CCO

Administrative building

The Central Compensation Office CCO is the Confederation's central implementing body for first-pillar social security, which covers:

  • old-age and survivors' insurance OASI
  • disability insurance DI
  • compensation for loss of earnings APG

The CCO's mission is to implement international social security agreements.

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Voluntary OASI/DI

Voluntary OASI/DI provides insured persons living outside of EU or ETFA member states with the possibility of benefiting from an uninterrupted insurance career.

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International coordination

The implementation of European and international social security agreements between Switzerland and some 40 countries requires close collaboration with Swiss and foreign institutions in order to simplify administrative procedures for insured persons.

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The OASI / DI pensions abroad

Our institution determines entitlement to an OASI or DI pension, sets the pension amount, pays the benefits and manages the current pensions of insured persons living abroad.

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The number NAVS13

The CCO is responsible for communicating the NAVS13 number to systematic users outside the OASI/DI institution and for making the tools and services available to them so they can use the number reliably.

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On-line pension estimate - ESCAL

We have made the ESCAL website available to all insured persons who have paid OASI/DI contributions so that they can obtain an estimate of their old-age pension online. 

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The CdC as employer

The Central Compensation Office has over 800 employees, most of whom are located in Geneva, while some are also based in Bern. It has the advantage of providing work in the social sector in a Swiss and international setting.