Certificate of life and marital status

This page provides information for recipients of OASI or DI benefits paid by the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) or the DI Office for people living abroad (OAIE) who are required to provide a certificate of life and marital status endorsed by a competent authority.

Illustration of certificate of life and marital status

Verification of the existence of OASI/DI beneficiaries abroad

The SCO/OAIE checks periodically that its beneficiaries are still alive. Each year, a “Certificate of life and marital status” form is sent to all recipients of pension benefits. This form is first sent one year after the beneficiary becomes eligible for a pension.

To ensure uninterrupted payment of your pension, please return the form to us within 90 days, duly endorsed by your local authority, or any other officially recognized administration.

If we do not receive this form by the given deadline, payment of your pension will be automatically halted.

You are required to notify the SCO/OAIE immediately of any changes to your personal circumstances likely to result in your pension amount being revised as well as any changes in your home or payment address.

If you do not have the original “Certificate of life and marital status” form that is automatically sent out each year, you can download the form here:

The Central Compensation Office offers you the option of using IncaMail to send your documents

IncaMail is an e-mail encryption service for the simple and secure sending of sensitive messages and documents. With the IncaMail web interface, you can send encrypted e-mails using your personal e-mail address.

When sending via IncaMail, please only use the "Confidential" option.

The CCO has several e-mail addresses. Please fill out one of our contact forms to request the e-mail address for your sending.

Last modification 07.10.2020

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