Leaving Switzerland

You have decided to leave Switzerland and move abroad.
What are your options concerning the continuation of your OASI/DI insurance career ?

Joining the voluntary OASI/DI

If you are no longer insured under the compulsory OASI/DI/EO and have taken up residence abroad, you may, under certain conditions, join the voluntary OASI/DI.


Non-gainfully employed students who leave Switzerland in order to continue their education abroad, can remain insured under the compulsory OASI/DI/EO until 31st December of the year they turn 30.

Expatriation (assigned abroad)

In terms of social security, employees who work temporarily in another country for their Swiss employer, remain subject to the compulsory OASI/DI/EO.

For more information, contact your employer.

Last modification 29.09.2020

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