Receiving your benefit

This page describes the information to be sent to the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) for the payment of your OASI/DI insurance benefit.

You can choose at your discretion the payment address, in Switzerland or abroad, for your benefit.

To ensure the payment of your benefit is processed swiftly, we need the following form, duly completed:

The IBAN and BIC are compulsory in the following countries:

As a pre-established international standard, the IBAN is assigned a specific form and length by each country.

Example of Geman IBAN

The BIC, also called SWIFT code, is necessary for international transfers. If you do not know it, ask your bank to pass it on to you. It must be 8 or 11 characters in length.

Example of BIC code

Special cases

For the following countries, which use national codifications, you must provide your account number and the clearing code of the national banking system:

  • United States: routing number or ABA code.

  • Canada: Branch Transit Number.

  • Australia: BSB (Bank State Branch) number.

The CSC cannot use the variants of execution of national transfers abroad, such as an electronic fund transfer (EFT), wire transfer, automated or direct deposit, etc.

Last modification 23.02.2018

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