Declaring your income and assets

Every year, each OASI/DI member must declare their income and/or their assets according to their personal situation.

Towards the end of each year, you will receive an income and assets declaration (I+A).

Sending us your declaration by post, e-mail or via the eCdC online portal 

  • The official deadline for us to receive your I+A is 31th March

  • Copies of the relative documentary evidence, justifying your declaration, must be enclosed with your I+A

Please do not use the following: staples, paper clips, drawing pins, post-it notes, highlighters, pencils.

Illustration of staples, paper clips, drawing pins, post-it notes, highlighters, pencils

Where do I send my I+A?

Swiss Compensation Office SCO
Voluntary Insurance – Contributions
Av. Edmond-Vaucher 18
P.O. Box 3100
1211 Geneva 2

E-mail :

Use IncaMail to send your sensitive documents by e-mail

IncaMail is an e-mail encryption service for the simple and secure sending of sensitive messages and documents. With the IncaMail web interface, you can send encrypted e-mails using your personal e-mail address.

When sending via IncaMail, please only use the "Confidential" option.

Consequences of sending your I+A late

April – 1st reminder

June – 2nd reminder

August – Default decision

December – Exclusion from the voluntary OASI/DI scheme

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