Payment dates of pensions

Benefits are paid to insured persons several days after the Swiss Compensation Office orders the payment.

Payment orders are given on the 5th working day of each month on the following date:

Payment of OASI and DI pensions in year 2022
Pension for the month of Date of the payment order by
the Swiss Compensation Office
January 07.01.2022
February 07.02.2022
March 07.03.2022
April 07.04.2022
May 06.05.2022
June 08.06.2022: the payment is deferred due to the Whit Monday
July 07.07.2022
August 08.08.2022: the payment is deferred due to the National Day
September 07.09.2022
October 07.10.2022
November 07.11.2022
December 07.12.2022

Pension payments are made for the current month, meaning that following the 7th February 2022 payment order you receive the February 2022 pension.

The transfer time depends on the payment method (bank transfer, cheque or postal order) and the destination country.

The legal deadline for the payment of benefits defined in Article 72 of the Ordinance on the Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance: "Compensation offices shall give the payment orders to the post office or bank in time for the payment to be made by the 20th day of the month."

If a payment is not received, claims made in writing by the insured persons will not be considered until after the legal deadline, i.e. after the 20th day of the month.

When the transferred money is returned to our account, we will contact you to check the reasons for the rejection. We cannot make a new payment without having sufficient information to change your bank details.

Annual payment of the benefits

Benefits are paid on a monthly basis. However, monthly benefits amounting to a small sum are paid annually. They can be paid on a monthly basis if requested in writing.

Last modification 21.12.2021

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