Joining the voluntary OASI/DI

Being no longer subject to the compulsory OASI/DI, Swiss nationals and EU or EFTA citizens who leave Switzerland, can, under certain conditions, join the voluntary OASI/DI.


  • To have Swiss nationality, or that of a European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member state;

  • To reside outside the EU or EFTA;

  • To have been insured with the OASI/DI for at least 5 consecutive years immediately before leaving the compulsory OASI/DI;

  • To apply for membership no later than 12 months after leaving the compulsory OASI/DI.

Membership is granted on an individual basis. Each member of the family must submit a separate application form.

If you are under 18 or have been exempt from paying contributions towards the compulsory OASI/DI scheme, years of residence in Switzerland count as years of insurance.

How do I apply for voluntary OASI/DI membership?

Make yourself known to the Swiss consular representation of the area you are living in and return the following form to us by post or e-mail, duly completed, dated and signed.

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Last modification 14.09.2021

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