Change of home, correspondence or e-mail address

If you are in receipt of an OASI/DI benefit paid by the Swiss Compensation Office and need to notify a change of home, correspondence or e-mail address, here are the various communication options:


Change your home, correspondence or e-mail address directly on the eCdC online portal.

By form via e-mail or post

Let us have your new address by means of the form, signed and accompanied by a copy of an identity card, via e-mail or post.

Notifications by telephone will not be taken into account.

Encrypt confidential e-mails with IncaMail

Send sensitive message and documents easily and securely via your personal e-mail address using the IncaMail web interface.

Please use only the “Confidential” option and enter our e-mail address to send your messages via IncaMail.

Last modification 16.01.2024

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