Change of home, correspondence or e-mail address

This page provides information for recipients of OASI or DI benefits paid by the Swiss Compensation Office on how to report a change of home, correspondence or e-mail address.

Illustration of the change of address

All notifications of change of address must be made by post or e-mail together with a copy of your identity card and should include your signature and your Swiss insurance number. Changes of address cannot be processed over the phone.

Send us your new address using the following form:

The Central Compensation Office offers you the option of using IncaMail to send your documents

IncaMail is an e-mail encryption service for the simple and secure sending of sensitive messages and documents. With the IncaMail web interface, you can send encrypted e-mails using your personal e-mail address.

When sending via IncaMail, please only use the "Confidential" option.

Last modification 09.02.2022

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