Missions and Values of the Central Compensation Office

Headquartered in Geneva, the Central Compensation Office (CCO) is the Confederation's central implementing body for first-pillar social security, which covers old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI), disability insurance (DI) and compensation for loss of earnings (APG). It is affiliated to the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) as a main division.

Its key missions are :

  • the implementation of tasks that are to be carried out centrally by the first-pillar social security system and the APG, such as bookkeeping, managing central registers and monitoring the movement of funds to and from the compensation funds;

  • the processing of OASI and DI pension applications, the payment and management of the benefits owed to beneficiaries abroad pursuant to international social security agreements and the management of the voluntary OASI/DI insurance of beneficial owners;

  • the collection of contributions from the Federal Administration and institutions closely affiliated to the Confederation, the payment of the corresponding benefits and the management of the family compensation fund.

The CCO Values

Our values – Mutual support, Commitment, Respect, Trust and Integrity - are the foundation on which our corporate culture and continued success are built. They are not just words on a page, but principles that guide every action we take.

Find out below what lies behind each value and their associated behaviours:

Institutional film of the CCO (in French, German and Italian)

Integrated Task and Finance Plan

The CCO applies the "Integrated Task and Finance Plan" principles in accordance with the program established by the Confederation. It aims at reinforcing the orientation of the public authorities’ action according to services and measurable results.

Tasks of the CCO executive agencies

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