Swiss Compensation Office SCO

Old-age and survivors' insurance is the main pillar of Swiss social welfare. It aims to compensate, at least partially, for the reduction or loss of earned income due to old age or death.

The SCO is responsible for all old-age and survivors' insurance insured persons resident abroad, including both Swiss citizens and foreign nationals. Its tasks include:

  • implementing international social security agreements

  • determining the entitlement to a pension and setting the amount

  • paying out old-age and survivors' insurance benefits

  • managing the current pensions of the nationals of contracting states resident outside Switzerland.

Voluntary OASI/DI

The Voluntary insurance of the SCO is responsible for the voluntary old-age, survivor’s and disability insurance (voluntary OASI/DI) under the Swiss social security system.

The voluntary insurance department deals with Swiss citizens and citizens of the EU/EFTA member states, who leave Switzerland for a country outside of the EU/EFTA and who wish to continue their OASI/DI insurance career. The department:

  • gives information on people’s current and future rights
  • examines voluntary OASI/DI membership applications
  • determines and receives OASI/DI contributions
  • deals with the insurance careers of our members.

Last modification 18.04.2024

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