Predictive calculation of a refund of contributions

On this page you will find information concerning the forecast calculation of a reimbursement.

Yes, under certain conditions, if you have paid OASI/DI contributions and are a national of:

  • a country with which Switzerland has not concluded a social security agreement

  • one of the following countries: Australia, Brazil, China, India, Philippines, South Korea, Tunisia and Uruguay.

How do I submit an application?

You must complete, sign and return the following form:

To the following address:

Swiss Compensation Office
P.O. Box 3100
1211 Geneva 2

What documents should I enclose with my application?

An official document containing your personal details: surname, first name, date of birth

For married persons, a document containing your spouse’s personal details: surname, first name, date of birth

How is the reimbursement calculated?

The elements required for calculation come from:

  • the information you provide on the form
  • the examination of the individual accounts (IA)

The amounts given are for information purposes only. These amounts therefore have no legal value and are in no way binding on the Swiss Compensation Office SCO.

Last modification 17.06.2024

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