Disability insurance

In case of an inability to work followed by a disability, persons who have worked in several countries can benefit from a partial pension in each of the States which recognize their disability.

Some countries calculate in the same way as old-age pensions. The amount of benefits depends on the insurance periods. The right to a pension may arise even if persons are not insured in the country concerned when the disability occurs. This principle is also applicable in Switzerland.

Under Swiss law, the minimum contribution period necessary in order to obtain a DI pension is set to three full contribution years at the time of the insurance case. This condition is met if insured persons:

  • have paid OASI/DI contributions for at least three full years or,
  • are Swiss or European Union nationals who have paid OASI/DI contributions for at least one year and contributed in one or more EU Member States with a total Swiss and EU insurance period of at least three years.

As part of the award of a disability pension and the calculation of the benefit, other criteria must be met.

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Last modification 11.10.2016

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