Scope and applicable legislation

Domains concerned

The social security coordination regulations cover the following areas:

  • old-age,
  • death (survivors' benefits),
  • disability,
  • health and maternity,
  • occupational accidents and diseases,
  • unemployment,
  • family allowances.

Social assistance is not affected by the provisions on the coordination of social security systems.

For further information, please refer to the following leaflet:

Persons concerned

The coordination regulations concern the nationals of the EU/EFTA area who work or have worked in one or more EU/EFTA country. Should the insured person die, the survivors are also covered in certain conditions. The same rights apply to refugees and stateless persons

Going abroad

When moving to an EU/EFTA area Member State, it is necessary to first find out about one's rights. For further information on how to export OASI/DI benefits abroad, please refer to the following pages of our website:

You will find information about other areas of social security in the following brochure:

Peculiarities of posted workers

In principle, workers are subject to the social security system of the territory, which they are gainfully employed on. The detachment is an exception to this principle. Should persons temporarily have to go to another country in order to do a job, they can, under certain circumstances, remain insured in the social security system of origin.

Peculiarities of posted workers

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